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Protecting Our Rights

Association releases

The work produced by the APUO and the demands it places on the APUO Executive Committee has significantly increased throughout the last several years. In order to ensure our continued capacity to defend and represent our members, the APUO is seeking to increase the number of Association releases provided by the Central Administration. This proposal also ensures positions on the APUO Executive Committee can be accessible to all members who may consider getting involved.

You can view the proposal in full here.


The multiplication of online platforms coupled with the ongoing pandemic and the shift to online and emergency remote teaching has created gaps in the intellectual property protection of our members’ teaching materials. In the light of these changes, the APUO is proposing introducing language in the Collective Agreement requiring our Central Administration to implement policies prohibiting unlawful copying, recording, and disseminating of our members’ teaching material.

You can view the proposal in full here.

Discipline, grievance, harassment complaints, and Independent Medical Examinations

Members often turn to the APUO seeking guidance regarding disciplinary measures, for grievances, in cases of harassment complaints leveled by or against members, and in instances where the Central Administration requires Independent Medical Examinations for members requesting workplace accommodations. Greater transparency is needed to ensure procedural fairness vis-à-vis each of these workplace issues. As such, the APUO has tabled proposals aimed at:

  1. ensuring our members have a right to have representatives present and provide responses to matters arising from disciplinary measures.

  2. You can view the proposal in full here.

  3. codifying in our Collective Agreement the ongoing pilot project, that seeks to strike the existing Formal Grievance Committee meeting outlined in Article 13 and replace it with a mediation session to expedite the resolution of grievances.

  4. You can view the proposal in full here.

  5. limiting the use of Independent medical examinations (IME) to a last resort option only, requested on reasonable grounds, and conducted with a member’s consent.

  6. You can view the proposal in full here.


You can view the proposal in full here.

Information provided to the APUO

The APUO has tabled a proposal demanding that all relevant information about excluded APUO members serving as vice-deans, or for any other reason, be provided to the APUO. The APUO is also requesting that copies of letters sent to members regarding the terms of their pregnancy and/or parental leave and/or for leaves of absence be shared with the APUO. This information is crucial in ensuring we can defend our members’ rights.

You can view the proposal in full here.

Length of Collective Agreement

The APUO is proposing that the length of the subsequent Collective Agreement be of two years.

You can view the proposal in full here.

Solidarity for strikes and lockouts by other unions on campus

The APUO has tabled a proposal that would provide APUO members with the right to refuse to cross a picket line in the event of a strike by another union on campus or lockout.

You can view the proposal in full here.

Teaching Personnel Committee training

Members of Teaching Personnel Committees (TPC) must participate in mandatory training on the APUO Collective Agreement. The APUO seeks to make this training available for any member with interest in participating.

You can view the proposal in full here.