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Update: New Letter of Understanding

Dear members,

The APUO is pleased to inform you that it has signed a Letter of Understanding (LOU) regarding course preparation and delivery for the Fall 2021 semester. We would like to thank our partners in the Central Administration for their cooperation and efforts in negotiating this agreement. 

This bulletin sets out the highlights of the LOU COVID-19 Impact on 2021 Fall Course Development and Delivery

This LOU confirms that for the 2021 Fall term, the mode of course delivery will be determined by the Central Administration, and that only courses with a combination of in-person and distance students within the same component of the course (i.e. “bimodal courses”) will require a member’s consent. As was the case with previous COVID-19 LOUs on course preparation and delivery, members may:

  • request central and/or faculty-level support with Teaching and Learning Support Services (TLSS);
  • continue to teach a course via the same mode of course delivery as used at the beginning of the course, even if the Central Administration decides it is ready to fully reopen campus;
  • retain ownership (copyright) for all materials they develop for use in their courses regardless of the course delivery method;
  • request one of the following in writing to their Dean no later than July 7, 2021, at 5:00 p.m should they feel they are unable to carry out their teaching workload, or a portion thereof:
  1. a workload reduction as referred to in Article 30 of the Collective Agreement, for the entire 2021 Fall term equivalent to 10% of a member’s annual workload for one (1) three (3) credit course they are scheduled to teach in that term;
  2. any other exceptional measure deemed suitable and feasible by both the Dean and the member;
  • submit a written request to their dean no later than July 7, 2021, at 5:00 p.m. for an additional thirty-two (32) hours of teaching assistantship per bimodal course, during the Fall 2021 semester paid from a “Fall 2021 Bimodal Supernumerary Fund.” 
  • request in writing, that the Central Administration complete a T2200 Form in support of a reimbursement claim for qualifying employee expenses. 

Members can read the full letter of understanding here

For questions or concerns, members can communicate with the APUO at