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Mobilizing to Oppose Budget Cuts

Quick Poll Results

On January 31, the APUO shared its analysis of the University of Ottawa’s finances, and asked members to respond to two follow-up questions. We thank those who took the time to do so. Here are the results of the poll.

Question 1: Do you support the 2022-2023 budget cuts imposed by the Central Administration?

No: 515 (86%)
Prefer not to respond: 45 (7.5%)
Yes: 39 (6.5%)
Number of respondents: 599 (46% of APUO members)

Question 2: Do you support the APUO’s ongoing demands for an open, transparent, collegial, and democratic budgetary process that prioritizes our university’s teaching and research missions?

Yes: 551 (96%)
No: 13 (2%)
Prefer not to respond: 9 (2%)
Number of respondents: 573 (44% of APUO members)

We’ve heard you loud and clear. No, to the cuts. Yes, to an open, transparent, collegial, and democratic budgetary process that prioritizes our university’s teaching and research missions.

To this end, the APUO continues to participate in regular meetings with other unions from across our campus and the student associations to consider how best to move forward in opposing the recent cuts and to fight for a better university, centered on our academic missions and on respect for all those who make it what it is. 

We will update members on developments.

Academic Units’ Mobilization Against the Cuts

The APUO has been in contact with several academic units who are mobilizing the cuts. To date, members in these units have held special department assemblies focusing on how to respond to the cuts, passed motions against the cuts, and written open letters to senior administrators condemning the cuts, the undemocratic means by which they were decided upon, and the dubious justifications given for these austerity measures. Two such examples are the motion passed by the School of Political Studies (please note that this motion is only available in French) and the open letter written by the Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies, both sent to the Central Administration.

The APUO encourages members who are opposed to the cuts and the budgetary process to also mobilize to ensure the Central Administration hears your voices, and to keep us informed of any actions taken. Your union is, of course, available to offer support, if needed.

2022 APUO General Assembly Presentation on uOttawa Finances

During the APUO’s Regular General Meeting of December 15, 2022 Tyler Chamberlin, Associate Professor in the Telfer School of Management, and Michel Desjardins, Administrative Director of the APUO, gave a presentation about the state of uOttawa finances. A recording of this presentation can be viewed here. The slides from this presentation can be accessed here.