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A member can initiate a grievance on any decision by his dean, the University Joint Committee, the Board of Governors, or the Administrative Committee. A member can also initiate a grievance on any subject he wishes to submit to the formal grievance resolution procedure. They are initiated by a written notice of grievanceThe notice of grievance must be filed with the employer within 15 working days of the event giving rise to the grievance or the receipt of the decision being grieved.The notice should outline the nature of the grievance and the remedy sought; APUO assistance in its preparation is available upon request.

The Association can also initiate an Association grievance when the decision or subject is related to the Association as a whole or when it affects all members.


Once a grievance is filed by a member, whether APUO assistance is requested or not, it is managed by the APUO Grievance Officers. Their role is to protect members and the Collective Agreement, and to ensure that the provisions of the Collective Agreement are respected. Grievance Officers strive to ensure that Association members who have issues related to the Collective Agreement are treated fairly and consistently in any dealings with the University Administration. They attempt to resolve disputes or concerns members have with the University Administration related to provisions of the Agreement.