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Fall 2022 Assessment of Senior Administrators

Due the Covid-19 pandemic, the APUO suspended its assessment of the University’s senior administrators during 2021 and early 2022. Coinciding with the full return to campus in the Fall 2022 term, the APUO resumed these evaluations in October. In accord with its Policy Statement on Assessment of Senior Administrators, the APUO asked members in the Faculties of Health Sciences, Medicine, and Science to complete a questionnaire assessing their respective Deans. 

Detailed results for each Dean are available at the following links:

The summary results are as follow:

Faculty of Health Sciences – Lucie Thibault
(n=62, 51%)

Categories2020 Assessment2022 AssessmentDifference
Allocation of Resources4.183.97-0.21
Administrative Ability4.694.68-0.01
Personal Relations4.794.81+0.02
Overall evaluations4.884.87-0.01

Faculty of Medicine – Bernard Jasmin
(n=45, 41%)

Categories2020 Assessment2022 AssessmentDifference
Allocation of Resources3.473.51+0.04
Administrative Ability4.043.93-0.11
Personal Relations4.053.87-0.18
Overall evaluations4.084.05-0.03

Faculty of Science – Louis Barriault
(n=53, 35%)

Categories2020 Assessment2022 AssessmentDifference
Allocation of Resources3.493.56+0.07
Administrative Ability4.094.04-0.05
Personal Relations4.044.10+0.06
Overall evaluations3.944.08+0.14

A comparative summary of results for all three faculties is available here.