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2015 Negotiations – Financial Proposals

Dear APUO members,

In a recent email, President Allan Rock stressed current financial pressures that the University of Ottawa is supposedly facing. He also instructed the deans of every faculty to make significant cuts. It is no surprise that this message was sent the day after the administration tabled a very weak financial proposal in negotiations with APUO that includes an annual increase of 1% for all members combined with cuts to extended health benefits and employee increases to pension contributions. If the APUO were to accept this proposal, most members would receive less than 1% annual increase.

APUO’s financial analysis committee examined the university’s financial statements and came to some very different conclusions. In summary,

  • The University of Ottawa has never been in better financial shape.
  • The university’s administration has prioritized financial strength over the affordability of education and/or educational quality.
  • uOttawa has run larger average annual surpluses than comparator universities.
  • Assets have grown without having to undertake substantial debts.

Please see the APUO’s financial analysis attached, based on public audited financial statements.

We are also posting the APUO’s financial proposals as well as the employer’s for your reference.

APUO financial proposals:

Employer financial proposals:

All negotiations documents are available on the APUO website.


The APUO Executive Committee