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Update on letters of understanding – COVID-19

Dear members,
The APUO is pleased to announce that we have finally signed four new letters of understanding (LOUs) with the Central Administration to respond to some of the challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. Your mobilisation in demanding that the Central Administration join us in negotiations during various faculty forums and through emails has been crucial in successfully signing these LOUs. We are very grateful for your continued trust and support. 
Here are the four LOUs that we have signed today.
Academic and Professional Leave:
We strongly recommend that all members on or about to begin an academic or professional leave immediately read the LOU in full here. Do not hesitate to contact us for any advice you may need.
Labour Relations Processes:
For the duration of the exceptional circumstances brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the APUO and the Central Administration have agreed to extend the mandatory time limits to file letters of disagreement to 20 working days, and to 30 working days for notices of grievances, regardless of explicit time limits mentioned in letters from a Dean or the Employer to a member. This LOU includes terms for mediations, arbitrations and human rights complaints. You can view the LOU in full here.
Promotion and Tenure, and continuing Appointment Processes:
A procedure to continue reviewing applications for promotion and tenure and continuing appointments in accordance with the Collective Agreement has been agreed upon by the APUO and the Central Administration for the duration of the exceptional circumstances brought on by the COVID-19 Pandemic. For this period, Direct Peer Review of Teaching has been suspended. As per the LOU:

  • “Regular non-tenured Faculty Members with a contract will be granted a one-time extension of a period of 1 year to such Faculty Member’s contract.” Notwithstanding Article of the Collective Agreement, “such Member must apply for tenure no later than the seventh year of continuous employment at a rank of Assistant Professor or higher at the University of Ottawa.”
  • “If requested by a Librarian member on a preliminary appointment, as referred to in Article of the Collective Agreement, the length of their preliminary appointment shall be extended by a period of 6 months from the expiry date of the term of the preliminary appointment.”  

You can view the LOU in full here
Use of Professional Expenses Reimbursements (PER) for Retiring Members:
Members retiring on or after March 16, 2020 will be allowed a grace period of up to April 29, 2021 to use their remaining PER funds and internal and general research funds as of the date of retirement for allowable expenditures. You can view the LOU in full here.
Negotiations are ongoing to address the following issues:

  • COVID-19 Assessment of Scholarly Activities and Academic Service Activities. 
  • COVID-19 Impact on Fall 2020 course development and delivery.

Based on the results of the past and ongoing surveys, and on the discussions held during our virtual Coffee Hours, Board of Directors Meetings, and during our upcoming Annual General Meeting, the APUO may propose new LOUs to address other issues raised by members. We will provide further updates as discussions with the Central Administration continue to progress.