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Teaching in 2021-2022 (2)

Dear members,

It has been brought to our attention that some faculties are attempting to pressure APUO members into committing to a specific instructional format for the Fall 2021 term, which includes a hybrid/HyFlex/bimodal format. Some faculties have imposed firm deadlines by which members are meant to choose their instructional format. Please be advised that these deadlines are designed to artificially foster urgency. As was clearly stated in the APUO’s communication of February 5, 2021members are under no obligation to commit to any instructional format at this time.

The APUO has begun negotiating Letters of Understanding for teaching during the 2021-22 academic year. As such, we strongly recommend that members avoid committing themselves to teaching in any specific instructional format for 2021-2022 courses until such time as the APUO and the Central Administration have signed Letters of Understanding for 2021-2022. If course selections for 2021-22 were presented to you with pre-assigned instructional formats (e.g. in-person, online, hybrid/HyFlex/bimodal) and you have already communicated your selections to your Department Chair and/or your Dean, we strongly recommend that you inform them in writing that:  

  1. your course selection cannot be linked to any particular instructional format until such time as Letters of Understanding for the academic year 2021-2022 have been agreed upon and signed by the Central Administration and the APUO; and 
  2. you have the academic freedom to choose the appropriate instructional format for your courses. 

With this in mind, we remind you that as per Article 9 of the Collective Agreement, members’ academic freedom allows them to decide whether a course is to be taught in person, online or in a hybrid/HyFlex/bimodal model. Furthermore, Article specifies that courses that are “taught in whole or in part over the Internet [which includes the hybrid/HyFlex/bimodal format], may be included in a member’s teaching load only with the prior consent of the member and, if applicable, once any special arrangements that may be required have been agreed upon.”

If you have any questions or concerns about teaching in 2021-2022, we invite you to contact the APUO: