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Dear APUO members,

As mentioned at the end of our last communication sent on July 24, you will find here a document explaining why we are asking for a strike mandate on July 31, as well as the reasons why it is essential to vote YES to this mandate in order to increase the likelihood of obtaining a fair and equitable settlement that would also support the quality of education in our university.

You will find here a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the main issues of concern for our members in the event of a strike.

You will find here a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) specific to the logistical issues for research and scholarly activities when on strike.

You will also find here the lockout/strike protocol given by the APUO to the employer several weeks ago. Even though this protocol is a true reflection of standard norms and practices in place in Ontario universities, and therefore has no polemical provision, the employer has yet to sign it, or even actually discuss it if needed. Yet, the clarity and predictability that come with such a protocol are also in the interest of a responsible employer.

Finally, for our members who would wish to look a them again, please find here Analysis of Employer proposal  and  Financial situation a revised version of the analysis presented at the July 3rd Special General Assembly (SGA) on the employer’s latest proposal, as well as the presentation on the employer’s real financial situation that was made at the same SGA. Keep in mind that this analysis does not rest on a comprehensive evaluation of the proposal, since the employer is still refusing to share the information needed to assess all of the implications (including those of article 7.2 of the collective agreement). Having said that, our analysis already makes it clear that the employer’s proposal, though it may appear reasonable on the surface, is of no interest once carefully examined.

We thank you for your strong continued support towards your Executive Committee an your Negotiating Team.


The APUO Executive Committee