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Rally to stop the library cuts!

To all APUO members,

The University of Ottawa is planning to cut almost $2 million from the library budget. This is a serious concern for students, faculty and the University of Ottawa community.

Members from seven campus based unions representing students, faculty and staff will be protesting the cuts and calling on the administration to reverse this decision.

Please find enclosed a printable version of the “Save the library” poster.

What: Rally to stop the library cuts!
When: Wednesday, November 30, noon
Where: Student square, in front of the Morisset Library – followed by a march to Tabaret Hall, University of Ottawa.

Please find enclosed an open letter from APUO to University of Ottawa President Jacques Frémont demanding that the cuts be reversed.

This message was sent to APUO members on November 24, 2016. To see the original message click here.