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Preparing for Mediation

Dear members,

As you know, the membership turned out in staggering numbers on Wednesday to demonstrate overwhelming support for the negotiating team and its positions.  We have been inspired by the fact that more than 450 members attended the Special General Assembly and that almost 700 members came out to vote in person.  Representatives from the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) and the CAUT defense fund who participated at the meeting said that they were astounded that this many members participated, and that 82% voted in favour, given the fact that it was in the middle of the summer and the first strike mandate vote ever in APUO’s history.

We could not be more grateful for this show of support.  We believe that it will give the bargaining team the tools and leverage it needs this weekend to negotiate a fair and equitable deal.  Therefore, we hope that we will be able to report back on August 5 that we have a proposed agreement to share with you. In the event that negotiations break down, however, please watch for an email that will give you essential information about how to get ready for a strike or lockout.

We know that all of you, like us, are most concerned about the impact any potential labour disruption would have on students.  We assure you that the executive is doing everything it can to find ways to creatively minimize any effect on students to the extent possible.  Please read this letter from the APUO to students, and share it with as many students as you can. We are also pleased to share this letter from the Graduate Students’ Association (GSAED) pledging its support for the APUO in our endeavour to secure a fair and equitable contract and promote the quality of education at the University of Ottawa.

Thank you again for your overwhelming support.  We hope that we will bring you good news in the following days.

APUO Executive Committee

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