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LOU on Student Evaluations during COVID-19

Dear members,

First, on behalf of the APUO Executive Committee and administrative team, we hope that you and your loved ones are doing well during these difficult times. 
Three weeks ago, the Central Administration gave APUO members 48 hours to convert their courses to online and distance education courses, demanding an exceptional effort. In a time of great instability, at a time of year when everyone is carrying the weight of the academic year coming to an end, and when many are now caring for their children full time while homeschooling them, you have lived up to great expectations. The conversion occurred very quickly, and countless efforts were made to ensure the best possible educational experience and to provide guidance and reassurance to our students. Such efforts are not without their impact and consequences on the life, relationships and health of each and every one of us.
Under these circumstances, you will not be surprised to know that we have received a particularly high volume of communications from you about the letters of agreement we have proposed to the Central Administration. We thank you very much for this feedback. Your comments, concerns, encouragement, criticism and suggestions are extremely valuable to us. 
We are therefore pleased to announce that we have finalized a first letter of agreement with the Central Administration regarding student evaluations of teaching.
No A Report will be produced for the 2020 Winter and Spring/Summer semesters. However, the University will produce a personal report for members containing the results of the questions and student comments. Since A Reports will not be produced, student responses to the questions in the 2020 Winter and Spring/Summer surveys cannot be used to make decisions or recommendations regarding a member’s career, except in cases where members decide to add some of the data from their personal report to their promotion and/or tenure file.
Finally, please be advised that we are continuing intensive discussions with the Central Administration regarding the remaining letters of understanding. We will inform you as soon as new agreements are reached.
The APUO Executive Committee