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Library access – Response from the University President

Dear Professor Rouillard

Thank you for taking the time to write and for sharing your concerns about the temporary loss of access to the library’s electronic collection recently experienced by the university community.

I recognize the importance of uninterrupted access to library systems.  Following the receipt of your letter, I contacted Leslie Weir, University Librarian. Please find her response below.


Allan Rock


From: Leslie Weir
Sent: October-29-12 4:23 PM
To: Allan Rock
Cc: Alastair Mullin
Subject: RE: Loss of access to e-documents

Dear Allan,

I am writing in response to the letter you received from Professor Christian Rouillard, President, APUO regarding the temporary loss of access to the Library’s electronic collection and the disruption that it caused.

As a result of this incident, the Library is currently conducting an in-depth examination of this occurrence in collaboration with CCS. We are working to identify strategies that can be put in place to ensure this type of interruption does not happen in future.

Since removing the extended troubleshooting support in the Library in 2010, there has been only one other major incident which happened during a power failure over the Christmas break. This said, more than 70% of the Library’s collection budget is now directed to electronic resources; convenient and uninterrupted access to these resources is clearly a critical component of meeting the information needs of students and faculty. Please note however that the implementation of identified solutions may have financial implications. If this is indeed the case, the Library will submit a request through the customary budget process.

Please be assured that uninterrupted access to library systems is a critical component of our mandate. We are committed to meeting the information needs of students and faculty and will take all possible steps to ensure that essential resources are available when required.