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Government consultation regarding senior members

In the spring, the APUO expressed concerns regarding an addendum to the Budget Bill that gives the Minister of Training, Colleges, and Universities the power to interfere with collective agreements to impose regulations that would reduce, including to zero, the salaries of members who work while collecting their pension. 

Since then, the government has launched a consultation and claims – falsely according to our analysis – that senior members working and collecting a pension are preventing faculty renewal. The policy proposals outlined in the government’s consultation document fail to consider the fact that professors and librarians often start their careers later than most other workers. Furthermore, this is clearly a case of age-based discrimination, with negative repercussions on gender equity as well. 

The Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Association (OCUFA) and many other faculty associations across the province share our concerns with regards to the potential outcome of this consultation process. Please read the OCUFA’s submission and the APUO’s submission for this consultation.