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Board of Governors Election

Dear APUO members,

Elections of candidates to represent the interests of teaching staff, librarians and counselors on the Board of Governors are taking place until Thursday, October 15 2015. You already received your personalized electronic ballot from the Secretariat on October 7 2015 (and a reminder dated October 13). Six candidates have submitted their nominations:

Vicky Barham
Steffany Bennett
David Bryce
Rees Kassen
Cheryl McWatters
Michael Wolfson

In a spirit of increasing accountability and transparency of the Board of Governors, the APUO asked the six candidates to respond to two questions of concern (in the language(s) of their choice) in order to allow APUO members to make an informed decision when voting.

For your information, the candidates’ responses to our two questions are presented here.


The APUO Executive Committee

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