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APUO response to VP Resources’ message on Ontario 2015 budget

On April 30, 2015 the Vice-President of Resources of the University (VP Resources) forwarded a message to all staff concerning the provincial budget for 2015. This message presented a number of arguments and claims about the financial situation at the University of Ottawa. Although some of the claims are supported by evidence and agreed by the APUO, as a whole this message is misleading in that APUO members could reach the conclusion that the University is facing a financial crisis, which is in fact not an accurate representation of the situation.

This message is a deliberate attempt to feed into the atmosphere of fear and anxiety with regard to the University’s financial situation. The APUO believes that the purpose of this message is to sow doubt in the minds of staff in order to extract concessions at the bargaining table. The University of Ottawa’s financial situation is strong and is not in a state of decline.

Please consult the attached information.