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Dear members,

As you are likely aware, our current Collective Agreement will expire on April 30. Yesterday, the APUO began collective bargaining with the Central Administration.

Following extensive consultation and a democratic vote by our Board of Director and by members at a Special General Assembly, the APUO is proud to have tabled a series of proposals that promote and defend high quality education and research, fight for equity, democratize our University, and protect our rights. You can view all of our tabled proposals here. We hope to find a partner in the Central Administration in the realization of these mutually beneficial goals. 

Bargaining Backgrounders:
1. Fighting for Equity
2. High Quality Education and Research
3. Democratize our university
4. Protecting Our Rights
5. Housekeeping

At this time, neither party has tabled proposals related to salary or health and benefits. The APUO and the Central Administration have commissioned a study comparing our compensation package with those offered at comparable universities. Once we receive these results, both parties will table compensation-focused proposals. 

In the weeks ahead, we will be providing regular updates on the progress of our negotiations with the Central Administration.