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Salary Scales

The salary scales for May 2016 to April 2018 are as follows:

May 2016January 2017May 2017January 2018
lecturer$64,377$85,154$64,892$85,835$65,995$87,294$66,523 $87,992
assistant professor$78,694$108,838$79,324$109,709$80,673$111,574$81,318$112,467
associate professor$86,929$150,955$87,624$152,163$89,114$154,750$89,827$155,988
full professor$104,371$182,211$105,206$183,669$106,995$186,791$107,851$188,285
librarian I$57,884$96,991$58,347$97,767$59,339$99,429$59,814$100,224
librarian II$65,594$110,359$69,143$111,242$70,318$113,133$70,881$114,038
librarian III$80,935$131,913$81,582$132,968$82,969$135,228$83,633$136,310
librarian IV$92,031$145,825$92,767$146,992$94,344$149,491$95,099$150,687
librarian V$104,131$167,109$104,964$168,446$106,748$171,310$107,602$172,680
language teacher III$73,249$99,153$73,835$99,946$75,090$101,645$75,691$102,458
language teacher IV$81,028$108,838$81,676$109,709$83,064$111,574$83,729$112,467
counsellor I$56,694$71,747$60,172$72,321 $61,195$73,550$61,685$74,138
counsellor II$64,544$88,659$65,060$89,368$66,166$90,887$66,695$91,614
counsellor III$76,617$112,839$77,230$113,742$78,543$115,676$79,171$116,601
counsellor IV$88,659$132,131$89,368$133,188$90,887$135,452$91,614$136,536

Progress-Through-the-Ranks (PTR)

There are two types of PTR increments for Faculty members: an new PTR increment (For members with written offers of employment dated after 5 April 2006) and a old PTR increment (For all other members, the PTR increment shall be the greater of the amount calculated under or

For librarian members, the PTR increment shall be 0.70 of the old PTR increment. For language teachers I, II, and III, the PTR increment shall be 0.66 of the old PTR increment; for language teachers IV, it shall be 0.85 of the old PTR increment.

The OLD PTR amounts for May 2016 to April 2018 are as follows:

May 2016May 2017
language teacher III and counsellor$2,338$2,397
language teacher IV$3,309$3,085

The NEW PTR amounts for May 2016 to April 2018 are as follows:

May 2016 May 2017
Salary rangevalueSalary rangevalue
Less than $84,503$4,788less than $86,627$4,908
 $84,503 $85,910$4,649$86,627$88,069$4,766
 $85,911 $87,320$4,509$88,070$89,515$4,622
 $88,727 $112,669$4,226$90,957$115,501$4,332
 $112,670 $114,079$4,084$115,502$116,946$4,187
 $114,080 $115,486$3,943$116,947$118,389$4,042
 $115,487 $116,896$3,801$118,390$119,834$3,897
 $116,897 $118,303$3,663$119,835$121,277$3,755
 $118,304 $126,754$3,521$121.278$129,940$3,610
 $126,755 $128,160$3,379$129,941$131,381$3,464
 $128,161 $129,571$3,238$131,382$132,828$3,319
 $129,572 $130,979$3,100$132,829$134,271$3,178
 $130,980 $132,388$2,958$134,272$135,716$3,032
 $140,839 $142,249$2,677$144,379$145,825$2,744
more than $142,250$2,536more than $145,825$2,600
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