Open letter of support to Yasmine Mehdi

OPEN LETTER November 21, 2016 Dear Yasmine, It has come to the attention of the APUO that you have been targeted by racist, xenophobic, islamophobic and sexist bullying since the... read more

Rally to stop the library cuts!

To all APUO members, The University of Ottawa is planning to cut almost $2 million from the library budget. This is a serious concern for students, faculty and the University of... read more


REGULAR GENERAL MEETING Association of Professors of the University of Ottawa Monday, October 17, 2016 12:00 to14:30 Desmarais Building, Room 12102 sandwiches and dessert will be... read more

Workshops for DTPC members

To all APUO members, Workshops exclusively for professors who are members of their Department/School Teaching Personnel Committee were presented jointly between the APUO and the... read more